Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kjerstin Elisabeth Uhre

Kjerstin Uhre is an Architect [born in Oslo,1967 with family background from Vesterålen], educated at Bergen Architecture School; in Bergen she also studied Philosophical Aesthetics at UiB. She is currently undertaking her PhD at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. She is partner in Dahl & Uhre architects in Tromsø, and a jury member for the North Norwegian Architecture Price. She has been teaching architecture at BAS and AHO. Dahl & Uhre’s latest project, “In the middle of the world, in the middle of Nuuk” was awarded the price for “best Nordic urban plan” in 2011. D&U has, besides built architectural projects, developed design based comprehensive public discourses such as The Game of Tromsø and the City Development Year, and has won architecture competition projects in Scandinavia on urban and regional scales. Most of D&U’s projects are developed in extended and trans disciplinary teams.

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