Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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EnergyMap is the national Danish internet portal for energy and climate related solutions. On Energymap Danish companies, organisations, institutions and public authorities are given the opportunity to present their work and ideas on technologies and programmes that may help combat climate change and improve energy-efficiency. Users of EnergyMap are invited to explore the solutions, cases, projects and events presented on the portal. Many of the featured sites are open for visitors and many also offer investment opportunities.
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  1. There should be a map like this for the north. One interesting fact it could reveal, is the recent political debate on to oil or not to in the area named "Lofoten and Vesterålen". This area also has other names such as "the area important for the fish mating" and similar. As there is never a map that is used in the discussion it looses precision, and it is difficult to relate to in a serious manner. Everybody knows fish is going to move around, most likley towards Troms and east out into the sea, where nobody has anything against drilling for oil. This says something important about how maps are culturally connected. Lofoten and Vesterålen are undergoing this big debate, not because they are important factors for fish, but because they are important cultural elements.

    Pherhaps the sami parliament could fund an establishment of a similar map base ? They already live, as NRK put it, in a place without law or rules, across borders and with different maps. An intelligent partner for this could be CASTL at the university, introducing language in the mix.