Monday, March 15, 2010

When you hear music its gone in the air

This image from my notebook was used in the discussion with you on storyboards. It is my storyboard for the 10 minutes lecture I gave for 11 departments at the NAL session om Architecture Now, just back from Greenland. As you can see, some of the other lecturers is written into my storyboard giving it new shape and form, they informed my lecture so to speak
It is the only two pages from my notebooks, that has been with me through all the studios we have set up through Jæren and Greenland, that is left in my position.
My computerbag with all technicalities and two completely filled notebooks where stolen from me in Oslo on Friday evening. As you know how much importance and confidence I place in the dialogue, and in the images that these dialogues create, can understand the complete loss I feel after this theft. Even the texts from the last dialogues with you is gone with the wind. But; Alice has made a beatifull poster, positioning this studios in two worlds we have been to and the notions and statements from them as stones in water with rings of knowledge, thouching each other, merging into each other. She has even blocks of texts from the studios. If I could ask for the moon: could each of you post on the blog a comment from one or two of the studios we set up in Jæren and Greenland and give your version of them, just some lines. That would be very good for me, and also for you I hope. A kind of rewriting of your and my learnings. Anything is very welcome - fex Gotfrieds five points from the IRIS studio, and Tarald Omas four columns of wisdom from the Ona Lighthouse studio. The heading "When you hear music its gone in the air" is from the Jazz musician Eric Dolphy. I am eagerly waiting for your small stories - thanks.

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