Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nuuk // summer laboratory of the young at heart

Klik på billedet for at få en appetizer for diskussion med med unge nuummiutere omkring Nuuks fremtid - byen de i fremtiden skal vende hjem til.

her for at downloade hele diskussion.

Through a discussion over one month between us and the director of The Bank of Greenland, Peter Petersen, some stunning dialogues has appeared. These dialogues is soon presented as a chronological skype/mail conversation. Hopefully also in english. What you find here, the Summer Laboratory with the young at heart, came up in these discussions as a theme connected to what is needed, what is important politics in relation to get the educated young people back to Greenland. And what kind of transformation in Nuuk can be related to this. Helena Lennert in TNT Nuuk headed this summer laboratory in a beatifull way.

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