Monday, October 31, 2011

competitive futures

Knut Eirik, President of Europan Norway, is on his way to EUROPAN FORUM in Oslo this weekend,  The Forum of Cities and Juries brings together the 17 Europan national structures, members of the 14 juries, and representatives of the 49 sites involved in Europan 11. The Forum of Cities and Juries is structured as a series of debates, working groups, architectural excursions and social gatherings to discuss solutions and focus adjudication of the entries that have been short-listed by national juries. New in the Europan Forum context is the public and academic program constructing The Europan Week in Oslo.

Kjerstin is going to Harstad to participate in the jury for the Open Idea Competition on sustainable urban development. The  exhibition of entries opens tomorrow at 6 pm in Harstad.

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