Friday, January 18, 2008

Norwegian Europan 9 winners in Sion, Switzerland

We congratulate Eli Grønn, Ivar Lyngner (authors) and Eli Brynhildsvoll (assistant) with their winning project in Europan 9 in Sion, Switzerland. Thinking of the Swiss architectural scene at the moment, this must be the right place to win for young architects.
ETH and Actar has in 2007 given out "Architectural Papers III, Natural Metaphor - An Antholgy of Essays on Architecture and Nature", edited by the Chair Prof.Dr. Josip Lluis Matteo.
Here you will find an interesting conversation between Stan Allen and Florian Sauther, "Theory, Practice and Landscape" and a brilliant text by Inaki Abalos (first presented in El Pais, 10. of March 2007) titled "I would prefer not to", challenging the use of the notion "Sustainability". Madrid based Abalos is the partner of Juan Herreros who was leader of the Norwegian Jury for Europan 8.
So, Eli, Ivar and Eli can look forward to an interesting discourse on architecture and landscape.

norsk seier i Europan 9 Sveits
slikt blir det pris av

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