Monday, January 18, 2010

Europan 10 days in Oslo - Prize ceremony at DogA

Last week the winners of the Europan 10 competition i Norway was announced at a grand price ceremony at DogA in Oslo, crowded house with eager people kewing up outside.
At the same vent it was the opening of Eurovisions. A smashing exhibition of the winning entries in the three cities Vardø, Trondheim and Oslo organized by Norsk Form, created by Fantastic Norway with Europan support. See;
The minister Karl Erik Schjøtt Pedersen (born and raised in Vardø) gave an opening speech about the importance of Europan for the National govenments policy on architecture and urbanism. Nina Berre, the newly appointed director of architecture at The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design (now head of Norsk Form) gave a fien speech also relating Europan Norway to is late founder Cornelius Brekke.
Kjersti Nerseth, the President of NAL gave a speech which you can read here in pdf format; arkitektnytt

Winner in Vardø: Repositioning the Remote
Ana Reis, Portugal // Ross Langdon, Australia // Kelly Doran, Canada //Louis Hall, United Kingdom

Runner up datarock
Honorable mention: The White
Winner in Oslo: Shuffle Joakim Skajaa, Norway // Arild Eriksen, Norway

Winner in Trondheim: Proscenium
Marianna Rentzou, Greece // Alexandros Gerousis, Greece // Beth Hughes, Australia

And the president of Europan, KED, gave a speech in five themes. The content of this speech you can find in the Europan 10 book released at the prize ceremony, in KEDs and Marianne Skjulhaugs editorial “In the aftermath of….”: By the book here The following day was continuos an optimistic workshops with the representatives of the three cities and the prize winning themes. KED was present at the Vardö workshop which he looks upon as a “break on through to the other side”. The dialogues in the other two workshop also evolved very well according to the architects and the cities. Look up the blog of jury member Regine Debatay and her engaged version of her participation in the jury and the Vardö project experience: we-make-money-not-art Follow the debate in Finnmark : on this address In other words: Europan 10 in Oslo was a stunning experience! And I will direct my thanks especially to he secretaries of Europan Øystein Rø and Espen Røyseland, the mavericks of the project platform and gallery 0047

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