Sunday, January 31, 2010

NUUK SAFARI-illoqarfimmi angalaaqatigiinneq

Today we have been reading a paper titled "The Tromsø Experiment: Opening up for the unknown" (written in Melbourne!) to be published later this year. The poster Nuuk Safari extends practices and methods from The City Development Year/CDY in Tromsø to Nuuk in Greenland.
D&U, with tnt nuuk architects, is involved in the transformation of this city and its center. Self-Government of Greenland and the City of Nuuk, by its Mayor has invited us into this very challenging task. May bee the most important thing for us to learn is Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit "the Inuit way of doing things".
Next week we take off to the second Nuuk Think-Tank. Dialogue, debate and city walks. The project blog is up and going, you can follow the process at Nunarsup Qeqqani // Nuup Qeqqani - In the middle of the world // In the heart of Nuuk..

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