Sunday, January 17, 2010


In the context of the announcement of winners of the Norwegian Europan 10 sites a series of events will be held in Oslo between January 18 and January 21. This anniversary edition of Europan attracted a record high number of participants to the Norwegian sites. A jury led by Ellen van Loon (OMA) has made its decision and the winners are ready to be revealed. Read more at

Eurovisions -an exhibition about visionary architecture.
Bold ideas, innovative architecture and a constant investigation of the spatial frameworks of the European society are key aspects of the Europan competition.
NORSK FORM and Europan Norway invite to the exhibition Eurovisions, an exhibition presenting the Europan competition and how it works, the cities involved and the ideas it generates. Get an insight in the competition that for the tenth time is held in Europe and has had thousands of participants throughout the years.
The architects from Fantastic Norway has made a spectacular exhibition design, to be revealed in its full splendor at the prize ceremony January 18. Renata Barros has made the graphic design. The president of Europan Norway (KED) is very happy with this; To exhibit is to open up!

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