Sunday, February 7, 2010


This Postcard is a starting point for an exploration of the Nuuk to come. The shivering line guided the followers of the Nuuk Safari. This site in the capital contains many aspects of Greenland colonial history, and is a political hot topic. The long line in the middle is Blok P, which at one point in history contained 1% of the Greenland population. The conversations on the Nuuk Safari unfolded all shades of this history. One social worker characterized Blok P as "an evil circle shaped as a building". The housing minister of the Self Government, who took part in the Safari, has stated that Blok P is to be demolished in 2011; it is a main political ambition. A series of proposals from different architects in the last 20 years has proposed solutions for revitalization of Blok P. None has come to life - and the standard is on a level of being derelict. A large part of the surrounding blocks and row houses is also in the searchlight of demolition - in time to come. So, this postcard, and the walking line, is empowered by memories, anger, hopelessness and possibly new hope. It’s an explosive postcard, now in the hands of the people of Nuuk.

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