Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nuuk pressroom

The local press in Nuuk is continuously following the Tuujuk an Blok P project (in the middle of the world/in the hearth of Nuuk) as it evolves through dialogues with the public, think tanks, city walks/Nuuk Safaris etc. The journalists are making their own contributions through interviews with people living in the area, interviews with politicians and so on. The newspapers are inviting to a series of chronicles on the topic "The appearing and disappearing Nuuk". The small editorial on top of this post, "Democracy commits", is quite stunning with its strengthening of the importance of direct, face to face, eye to eye dialogue between the politicians, the architects and the residents of all kind. And the editorial announces these new attitudes and methods as very appropriate and to the point for the larger debate on the future of Greenland, relating to aluminium melting plants, exploitation of Uran and mining concessions of all types. The point, the editorial states, is for the politicians to be very aware of what is said and to take it to their heart and mind. The language in these articles is Greenlandic and Danish. More English short versions are to follow.

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