Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nuuk today

Nuuk Safari 1 took place on a beautiful Saturday. Lots of people, including two ministers from the Self Government. The architect Helena Lennert from TNT Nuuk was a brilliant guide and storyteller in the language of Greenland, translated by herself to Danish. KED took a small part in this unfolding story, translated by Helena. The walk through the (in)famous Blok P and its larger surroundings was stunning. An appearing (and disappearing) Nuuk is on the table of discourse ! A discourse that is extensively unfolding in the newspapers, on TV and radio. All media where present on the Nuuk Safari, and the following coffee gathering in TNT Nuuks office (now also D&Us centre when staying in Greenland). More to come with links to TV-films, editorials in Newspapers, coffee visits in peoples home, with the Mayor, and much more.

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