Friday, June 26, 2009

The aftermath of COP 15 // Nordhavnen // The Map Collection

In the era ‘after COP 15’ it is possible to picture a new type of discourse about cities’ and landscapes’ development that might proceed in other directions than the presumed ideal, linear urban development of an ideal site. Such an enlarged perspective, this essential side view, is difficult to trace in the competition program for Nordhavnen. In the previous diagrams, illustrating the regional dialogue between Denmark and Sweden up until COP 15, one clearly sees a hyper attention in both politics and development about current projects. In the third diagram it is claimed that the different projects cannot be seen on the site alone, nor in their close city surroundings, but that every single project developed in the region must relate to a larger geographical picture and a larger time frame. It is a fact that the region can absorb a large growth; compared to Holland the entire Ring City (‘the green heart’) with approximately 7 million people can be ‘relocated’ to the Øresund region (‘the blue heart’). The region of Øresund can be seen as a complex dynamic of events. Additionally in Nordhavnen after COP 15, a renewed ecological reflection must characterize both the natural-, the production- and the urban landscape. The ambitions are several, but the future insecurities on every level are larger. In Nordhavnen this means, ‘not to be able to predict time, but to use time as a material’. In such a dialogue between ambition and insecurity the fundamental structure of Nordhavnen might contribute to adjust urban conditions on several levels: - locally in Nordhavnen, in a larger picture containing all the large landfillings in Copenhagen, in a larger timeframe and geography embracing events in the entire region, in the Øresund metropolis’s future containing limitless exchanges and high velocity networks, and not the least in a global discussion about urban sustainable development.

This Map (and text) is from the 1st price project in Nordhavnen,(1st face), Copenhagen: Excentral Park - Edge Dynamics, which we did together with 70°N and a panel of experts.

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