Monday, June 1, 2009

Manhattan Transfer // The Map Collection

Along the ridge of Tromsø Island there runs a band of continues woodlands – the Tromsø Common – which in size and extension corresponds to that of Central Park in New York. Back in 1994 we superpositioned Manhattan on this map over the Tromsø Island. Tromsø was experiencing an explosive urban growth, and it was necessary discuss the lokal attitude towards nature as an unlimited resource. The Tromsø common vas already changing from being nature to become a park. 14 years later the map still has actuality in the urban discource i Tromsø - it has proved to be a valid statement.
The fact that we have an urban park of an international format is the most visible urbane trait in Tromsø that necessitates a further urbanisation. The Green Line bind all the city areas together, in winter functioning almost as a metro for cross-country skiers and families on a hike.
Skating in Central Park

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  1. This park, and the urbanization of Tromso should be further investigated. What has happened since 1995, what has affected the different projects, what potentials have not been exploited, and what has been learned ? I fear nothing has been learned, that there is no looking back and that the entire self consciousness of these developments has been left to bureaucracy. This park is for some a quality that they are not too consious about, it should pherhaps be "branded", -and for others it is not refined enough to be relevant.