Sunday, January 31, 2010

NUUK SAFARI-illoqarfimmi angalaaqatigiinneq

Today we have been reading a paper titled "The Tromsø Experiment: Opening up for the unknown" (written in Melbourne!) to be published later this year. The poster Nuuk Safari extends practices and methods from The City Development Year/CDY in Tromsø to Nuuk in Greenland.
D&U, with tnt nuuk architects, is involved in the transformation of this city and its center. Self-Government of Greenland and the City of Nuuk, by its Mayor has invited us into this very challenging task. May bee the most important thing for us to learn is Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit "the Inuit way of doing things".
Next week we take off to the second Nuuk Think-Tank. Dialogue, debate and city walks. The project blog is up and going, you can follow the process at Nunarsup Qeqqani // Nuup Qeqqani - In the middle of the world // In the heart of Nuuk..

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cornerstone Ceremony // MySpace, E9 winner, to be built in Trondheim

The winning entry in Europan 9 in Trondheim, the student housing project, is to be built, and will be opened in 2011. This image and the clip from Adresseavisen in Trondheim is from the Cornerstone Ceremony at the site on Wednesday the 27th.
The Minister of Research and Knowledge, Tora Aasland, was present at the ceremony. So where the Mayor of Trondheim Rita Ottervik, Torunn Hegre from the board of the builder, SIT, and Bård Flem from SIT who has been a driving force in making this come through ,and many more as you can see. Juan Elvira and Enrique Krahe from the winning Spanish tema MEK was eagerly present. Hilde Bøkestad and Frederik Shetelig from the Europan Board gave a small speech on Europan and the importance of this event in Trondheim. The president, KED, was not there due to storms in Nothern Norway. The Cornerstone contains drawings, newspapers of the day from Madrid and Trondheim and more interesting things

Monday, January 25, 2010

Europan 9 winner, MySpace, to be built in Trondheim

On Wednesday the 27th of January at 14.00, Knut Eirik as president of Europan Norway, is invited to Trondheim at the corner stone ceremony for the Europan 9 winning entry, MySpace. The builder, Studentsamskipnaden i Trondheim is proudly inviting to this important event. Both for them, the city, Europan and the winning Spanish team based in Rotterdam and Madrid; Murado, Elvira and Krahe.
The Knowledge and Science minister Thora Haug will be present. So will the architects.
The project is now starting construction and will be finished in 2011, an important year for Trondheim. More to come on this issue later.

Arctic Frontiers 2010

Tromsø-24-29 January 2010
Arctic Frontiers policy section will be broadcast live via the internet in English and Russian.
Click here to view the full schedule and links.

My favorite presentations:
wednesday 27.2.

The Principles and Practices of Inuit Governance Gary N. Wilson Department of Political Science, University of Northern British Columbia

Oil and Gas DevelopmentsCurse or Blessing for Community Sustainability? The Relationship between Regional Authorities and theOil and Gas IndustryPeter R. Sinclair Memorial University and University of Waterloo, Canada

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Encircling the Field

Students from the AHO Landscape Master course; Appearing and Disappearing Landscapes are encircling the field of Jæren. Here is Jin’s notation of art and sites.
"The images on the white background are from Jæren, including the paintings on canvas from Kelly Kielland. The red soft is the installation art in Jæren. Below it are the photograph works from Rune Guneriussen."
Learn more on the studio blog

City as Biotope - The Book

I’m sitting whit a fresh copy of city as biotope mosaic::reading // mindfield malmö in my hands. Magdalena and Gisle has really done a great job editing this book! The freshness from the blog is captured and our BAS students have also wonderfully presented the essence of their projects. Happy happy!
You can order it from our friends in 70°N by mailing or buy it from BAS by contacting for 200,-. It is also possible to download as low res pdf here: City as Biotope PDF (44,5M)
Thanks to all the students and contributors!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Europan 10 days in Oslo - Prize ceremony at DogA

Last week the winners of the Europan 10 competition i Norway was announced at a grand price ceremony at DogA in Oslo, crowded house with eager people kewing up outside.
At the same vent it was the opening of Eurovisions. A smashing exhibition of the winning entries in the three cities Vardø, Trondheim and Oslo organized by Norsk Form, created by Fantastic Norway with Europan support. See;
The minister Karl Erik Schjøtt Pedersen (born and raised in Vardø) gave an opening speech about the importance of Europan for the National govenments policy on architecture and urbanism. Nina Berre, the newly appointed director of architecture at The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design (now head of Norsk Form) gave a fien speech also relating Europan Norway to is late founder Cornelius Brekke.
Kjersti Nerseth, the President of NAL gave a speech which you can read here in pdf format; arkitektnytt

Winner in Vardø: Repositioning the Remote
Ana Reis, Portugal // Ross Langdon, Australia // Kelly Doran, Canada //Louis Hall, United Kingdom

Runner up datarock
Honorable mention: The White
Winner in Oslo: Shuffle Joakim Skajaa, Norway // Arild Eriksen, Norway

Winner in Trondheim: Proscenium
Marianna Rentzou, Greece // Alexandros Gerousis, Greece // Beth Hughes, Australia

And the president of Europan, KED, gave a speech in five themes. The content of this speech you can find in the Europan 10 book released at the prize ceremony, in KEDs and Marianne Skjulhaugs editorial “In the aftermath of….”: By the book here The following day was continuos an optimistic workshops with the representatives of the three cities and the prize winning themes. KED was present at the Vardö workshop which he looks upon as a “break on through to the other side”. The dialogues in the other two workshop also evolved very well according to the architects and the cities. Look up the blog of jury member Regine Debatay and her engaged version of her participation in the jury and the Vardö project experience: we-make-money-not-art Follow the debate in Finnmark : on this address In other words: Europan 10 in Oslo was a stunning experience! And I will direct my thanks especially to he secretaries of Europan Øystein Rø and Espen Røyseland, the mavericks of the project platform and gallery 0047

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kalaallit Nunaat 2010

In the middle of the world, in the land of the people, change is happening. In the first week of 2010 we were a part of a think tank in the heart of Nuuk with the Self-Government of Greenland, the Municipality of Sermersooq,
tnt nuuk architects, social workers, artists and journalists discussing steps towards social and environmental sustainable city development. More will follow when we togehter with Helena, Aviaaja and Flemming from tnt nuuk launch the blog Nunarsuup Qeqqani at the end of January.


In the context of the announcement of winners of the Norwegian Europan 10 sites a series of events will be held in Oslo between January 18 and January 21. This anniversary edition of Europan attracted a record high number of participants to the Norwegian sites. A jury led by Ellen van Loon (OMA) has made its decision and the winners are ready to be revealed. Read more at

Eurovisions -an exhibition about visionary architecture.
Bold ideas, innovative architecture and a constant investigation of the spatial frameworks of the European society are key aspects of the Europan competition.
NORSK FORM and Europan Norway invite to the exhibition Eurovisions, an exhibition presenting the Europan competition and how it works, the cities involved and the ideas it generates. Get an insight in the competition that for the tenth time is held in Europe and has had thousands of participants throughout the years.
The architects from Fantastic Norway has made a spectacular exhibition design, to be revealed in its full splendor at the prize ceremony January 18. Renata Barros has made the graphic design. The president of Europan Norway (KED) is very happy with this; To exhibit is to open up!

Appearing and Disappearing Landscapes // MLA STUDIO COURSE // SPRING 2010 AHO

Landscape as architecture in the aftermath of COP 15: What shall the poor girl wear to all tomorrows parties? This spring we study the disappearing footprint of oil economy in Jaeren.
The studio is led by Prof. Knut Eirik Dahl/AHO, Prof. Ellen Braae/Forrest and Lanscape, Life Sciences, Copenhagen University, Phd reseacher Alice Labadini and Architect MNAL Kjerstin Uhre. The studio is part 2 of the Institute of Urbanism and Landcapes Research on the Norwegian Landscape.The studioblog is up and going, visit appearing-and-disappearing-landscapes