Monday, October 31, 2011

competitive futures

Knut Eirik, President of Europan Norway, is on his way to EUROPAN FORUM in Oslo this weekend,  The Forum of Cities and Juries brings together the 17 Europan national structures, members of the 14 juries, and representatives of the 49 sites involved in Europan 11. The Forum of Cities and Juries is structured as a series of debates, working groups, architectural excursions and social gatherings to discuss solutions and focus adjudication of the entries that have been short-listed by national juries. New in the Europan Forum context is the public and academic program constructing The Europan Week in Oslo.

Kjerstin is going to Harstad to participate in the jury for the Open Idea Competition on sustainable urban development. The  exhibition of entries opens tomorrow at 6 pm in Harstad.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Knut Eirik and Kjerstin are giving the opening Lecture at the 3rd International Conference on Art and Environment at the Art and Environment Research Centre (CIAE), Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) 16th of November.

North latitude: Ethics and aestethics of living 16 17 18 nov 2011:
“We understand that a society is projected towards the future in accordance with its own traditions, yet there is strong confrontation with the new realities that value the citizen, the environment or sustainability. That is why this conference which focuses its attention on environments in certain environments of the Nordic Council (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway or Iceland). The capitals of these countries are world leaders in terms of environmental culture. Committed to a set of values, they are examples of societies facing the challenges that lie ahead and can provide us with interesting strategies stemming from their proven experience.”

3 days with, lectures, paper readings and round table conversations + warm weather and long nights! We are really looking forward to meet the organizers, mediators, students and the other lecturers:
Maria Hellström Reimer (Malmø) A visual artist and professor in design theory at Malmö University, School of Arts and Communication. Tone Lindheim (Oslo) Landscape architect, partner in Bjorbekk & Lindheim landscape architects. Luis Navarro (Valencia) Writer and promoter of the 90s underground collective for aesthetic action known as Industrias Mikuerpo and the fanzine, Amano, and coordinator for the independent publisher Literatura Gris, committed to the recovery of the situacionista legacy and formed part of Maldeojo, a collective of critical thinkers. Fernando Gaja i Díaz (Valencia) Urban planner and Senior Lecturer in Urbanism and Regional Planning at the Department of Urbanism (UPV). Amador Fernández-Savater  (Madrid) Independent researcher and engaged thinker. Perhaps the label that best defines him is editor as his thoughts and energies are directed toward thinking processes: the challenge of registering, synthesising, coordinating and communicating fragments of discourse.  Boke Bazán (Valencia) Senior Lecturer in the Master’s Programme in Design and Illustration at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Valencia, (UPV) and in Master’s Programme in Design Engineering at Valencia’s ESET school (Universidad CEU).Peret; Pedro Torrent (Barcelona): He works in graphic design, illustration, photography, sculpture and stage design. He has held 16 individual exhibitions (Spain, France, Japan, and México) and about one hundred collective ones in 24 countries. Luis Eslava Studio (Valencia) Luis Eslava and Lorena Sauras “gear their studio towards the creation of global projects, product design and spatial design.”

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Award winner for best Nordic urban plan

Nunarsuup qeqqani - Nuup qeqqani won the best Nordic urban plan award at the Nordic architecture festival – Arkitekturmässan, in Gothenburg.

From the awards ceremony at Världskulturmuseet.

”The jury commended the clear and strong narrative that resulted from an intense research and exchange with the local community. The plan comprises a contemporary approach to landscape and cultural issues. This is a convincing project that pushes the boundaries between many disciplines and is not afraid to touch on the hard social ambiguities and the adverse local conditions. It subtly deals with different typologies and introduces urban qualities by creating diversity and a balanced density.”

Project credits: Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq has in collaboration with The Government of Greenland prepared a comprehensive master plan for the Tuujuk and Block P areas in Nuuk. The masterplan NUNARSUUP QEQQANi / / Nuup QEQQANi / In the Middle of the World / / In the Middle of Nuuk has been developed after advice from Dahl & Uhre architects, (Tromsø) and tnt nuuk a/s. Project leader for the municipality: Jakob Bjerg Exner, project team leader: Knut Eirik Dahl. Additional assistance on master plan by MDH Architects (Oslo) and Asplan Viak landscape (Oslo). Energy advise by Steinsvik Arkitekter AS (Tromsø) and INUPLAN A/S (Nuuk). Additional guest projects that have contributed significantly to the project’s development have been provided by Fantastic Norway (Oslo), MDH Architects sa (Oslo), 42 architects + Regional associates (London) and tnt nuuk a/s, M: ARC ApS and Arkitekti ApS (Nuuk).
The plan has been developed in continuous dialogue with citizens and interest groups in Nuuk and with a broad specter of Nordic voices (the Tromsø Conversations).

For more information about the nominees and jury: Arkitekturmässans Award 2011.

Monday, October 3, 2011

2360 + 16 views on the book online!

Nunarsuup Qeqqani/Nuup Qeqqani - Midt i verden /Midt i Nuuk - The Book has been available on ISSUU in Danish for views and downloads for a while now, The Greenlandic version is just published, and we belive an English version (In the Middle of the world/In the Middle of Nuuk) is coming soon.  view or download the Danish version here


Nunarsuup Qeqqani/Nuup Qeqqani is nominated to a Scandinavian Award,category urban planning. link to Arkitekturmässans Award. Congratulations to project owners, collaborators and dialogue partners in Nuuk and the world!