Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Writings on the Wall

This exhibition in Nuuk, in one of the apartments that in time to come may be demolished and recirculated, is part of our story bord for the evolution of the project that D&U and TNT Nuuk is in the middle of making. Our line of work involves series of discussions and conversations on many levels within the Nuuk society: "They shall see what we hear" is one of our postulates that charges our work. The newspaper text titled "Nuuks strangest neighbour" is a dialogue with the project leader from the town planning office, Jakob Bjerg Exner, about his interpretations of the public viewpoints amd their writings on the wall.

Friday, June 11, 2010


As part of AHO WORKS OUTLOOK Thursday June 10th, a number of awards was handed out to selected student projects from the Master Studios, in various categories. Our students at Appearing and Disappearing Landscapes got 2 of 8 awards for Architecture and Landscape.

The projects are nominated by the courses, whereas the winners are selected by a jury concisiting of external practicioners and representants of the sponsors.
The design jurors is Kaja Misvær from Designit and Jørgen Solstad of Kadabra, whereas the jury of architecture/landscape is Eli Goldstein and Patrick Lueth.
The winning projects will be displayed in AHOs Gallery 11-18. June 2010.

Kemppe (Mats K. Johansen) got the award for Excellence in transportation architecture (The Norwegian Public Roads Administration)

And Simona Robba got the award for Exellence in energy efficiency and sustainability in architecture (The Low Energy Programme)

Congratulations Simona and Kemppe with your prizes at the exhibition of all master studio projects - AHO Works. I have got a series of smses about this just now, me beeing in Tromsø. I am so proud. We will be back on this blog with photos from the AHO prize ceremony, the jurys arguments for the prizes etc, and the students own commentaries

The notion "Stavanger and Jæren is the prisoner of the Norwegian economical Landscape" was invented by one of the students. This expression describes both the field of study in our master landscape studio and the character of exploitation of resources in the region. The footprint of oil economy has reached its peak and represent a disappearing landscape.
15 students from seven countries has during the semester developed a new cartography of this territory in transition, reformulated landscape structures and systems and tested this out through a specter of concepts. The studio has evolved through five themes encircling this field, exploring layers of information with the intention of charging the Jæren landscape and seascape with new energy. This thematic journey has created a comprehensive matrix of information on the appearing landscape, highly informed by another journey over 10 000 km creating 11 studios of conversation on our way through Jæren and Greenland, in the footprints of Eirik Raude. It is the sustainable urban territory of our time that is tentatively measured through this studio.

Look at Henriettes album from the studio exhibition. Originally posted at the studio-blog: appearing-and-disappearing-landscapes.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Spiritual Realm and Grey Town by Pivers // Guest

The school is closed, the teachers is on strike, Iver (14) is at home, drawing...
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