Thursday, May 21, 2009

D&U ONLINE PAPERS // The Magic Carpet

"The urban ideals loom larger than the understanding of landscape, shining far more brightly as it were. The borders of urban space constitute an intellectual hinterland. The relation between what is built and the continued life of the landscape is destined to remain the major theme in the civic space of the future...."
D&U ONLINE PAPERS // The Magic Carpet, 1994

In 1994 we participated in the international competition for the expansion of Copenhagen, called Ørestaden. The project received the second prize in the competition. The idea universe of the project is duly published in the periodical "byplan" No. 5, 95. Through the presentation of the project's own text and a comprehensive critical review of the competition by Professor Jens Kvorning (jury member). The concept launched "The Game of Ørestaden" by setting up the structure plans as a set of playing pieces, in which different forces of change led to entirely different interpretations of this future urban landscape. The current development in Copenhagen, where other areas have come into the searchlight and are taking power from the "ideal" Ørestaden, confirms one of our statements in the competition - "The spirit of the place is bound to be found elsewhere".

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